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Botox is the registered trademark name of the botulism toxin produced by Allergan. This is a natural protein produced by bacteria which has the physiologic effect of blocking nerve impulses to muscle, thereby blocking muscular contractions. Patients can enjoy the relaxing of fine lines and wrinkles with minimal downtime and discomfort.

Is Botox For You?

A discussion of Botox would be incomplete without an introduction to facial wrinkles. There are two types of facial wrinkles, dynamic and static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are those caused by a combination of gravity and loss of skin elasticity and are typically located in the lower third of the face. Examples of these types of wrinkles include the nasolabial folds (those that go from the nose to the corner of the lips) and marionette lines (those that go from the corner of the lips to chin). These wrinkles are not treated by Botox. Instead, they should be treated with “fillers”. These are other types of injections that ‘fill-in” the valleys caused by the wrinkles. The filler injections will be discussed in another chapter.

Dynamic wrinkles are those wrinkles caused by the activity of the facial muscles. Typically, these wrinkles are located in the upper third of the face and include the forehead wrinkles, the wrinkles in between the eyebrows, those around the eyes (otherwise known as “crows feet”). These wrinkles are best treated with Botox, which acts to relax the muscles that produce these wrinkles. The easy application of the substance via injection causes the disappearance or at least improvement of these wrinkles. Botox is considered a minimally invasive procedure for facial rejuvenation. As such it is a relatively simple outpatient procedure for the patient. There are no absolute contraindications to the use of Botox.

Understanding The Surgery

Typically, Botox is an injection that is administered using small needles which allow for a relatively fast and painless injection. After the injection, the skin area is cooled with a small packet of ice to help reduce local swelling. The swollen area typically returns to normal within two hours. Usually, several injections are needed per area to be treated. Although the

What To Expect After the Treatment

Patients typically can return to normal activity, such as work on the same day. However, patients are asked to refrain from exercise the same day. The effects of Botox start to become apparent in five to seven days. Occasionally small touch ups may have to apply in the second week to perfect the appearance. Botox usually lasts about four to five months. As the patient continues to use Botox, the time between the treatments may sometimes increase. This may be because the patient subconsciously learns not to use the specific muscle treated. This, in turn, leads to improvement of the wrinkles with less Botox. This is also theoretically due to the muscle atrophy that eventually develops when these muscles of facial expression are not used for a prolonged period of time.

Real Patient Stories

I have been a patient of Dr. Garri at MOSA for 4 years now. At MOSA I have had Botox, laser hair removal, and liposuction. Consultations are always informative and entertaining. The support staff is professional, courteous and accommodating. I have always been very happy with the results. I have referred many of my friends and family and all have been extremely pleased. -Erica L.

The New You

Just a few days after your Botox treatment, you can expect to look much more refreshed and youthful. Whether targeting a single or several areas of concern, Botox treatments are a simple and effective way of accomplishing your goals of a more youthful, rested and vibrant look. It is strictly up to you whether to repeat the treatment every several months to maintain the look, or whether to use Botox occasionally just prior to significant life events when looking your optimal best is the top priority. A personal consultation with your plastic surgeon is the best way to gain information about your particular complaint, and about potential treatment options to address the same.

Maintaining Your Results

While tummy tuck results are long-lasting, there are certain lifestyle choices you can make that will extend your results. Before even making the decision to get a tummy tuck, you'll want to think about your lifestyle, and if you are a woman you will want to consider whether or not you plan to have or have more children.

Having the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle after a tummy tuck will prevent any dramatic weight gain that could affect your results. As for women who plan to have more children, pregnancy would stretch out the skin and muscles of the stomach. This stretching of tissue and muscle would reverse your results. For best results, patients should wait until they are at a stable weight and done having children for the most long-lasting results.